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【 study Python】

Python3.x edition , Future mainstream versions .

【 study Python2.x】

Python Is an object-oriented 、 Interpretive computer programming language

【 study Linux】

Linux It is a set of free use and free dissemination classes Unix Operating system

【 study Docker】

Docker Is an open source application container engine , be based on Go language

【 study Ruby】

A simple and fast object-oriented programming ( Object oriented programming ) And create a script language

【 study Java】

An object-oriented programming language that can write cross platform application software

【 study C】

A general computer programming language

【 study C++】

C++ Yes C A general programming language developed on the basis of language

【 study Perl】

Perl It's advanced 、 General 、 Literal translation 、 Dynamic programming language

【 study Servlet 】

Run on Web A program on a server or application server

【 study JSP】

JSP And PHP、ASP、ASP.NET And other languages are similar , The language running on the server

【 study Lua】

Lua Is a lightweight and compact scripting language , Use standard C Language and open in the form of source code

【 study Rust】

Rust Language is an efficient language 、 Reliable universal high-level language

【 study Scala】

Scala It's a multi paradigm (multi-paradigm) Programming language .

【 study Go】

Go Language is a new programming language launched by Google

【 study PHP】

PHP Is a general open source scripting language

【 study Django】

Django Is an open source Web Application framework , from Python finish writing sth.

【 study Zookeeper】

ZooKeeper Is a distributed , Open source distributed application coordination service

【 Design pattern 】

Design patterns represent best practices , It is usually adopted by experienced object-oriented software developers

【 Regular expressions 】

Regular expression is a logical formula for string operation

【 study Maven】

Maven Is a project management tool , Yes Java Build the project 、 Dependency management

【 study Verilog】

Verilog Is a hardware description language for designing digital circuits , It is mainly used in integrated circuit system

【 study ASP】

ASP(Active Server Pages Dynamic server page ) It is a powerful tool for generating dynamic interactive web pages

【 study AppML】

AppML Is a for web Application design HTML Expansion box

【 study VBScript】

A lightweight interpretive language in Microsoft environment

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