AJAX course

AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML( Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).

AJAX Not a new programming language , It's a new way to use existing standards .

AJAX The biggest advantage is that without reloading the entire page , You can exchange data with the server and update some web pages .

AJAX No browser plug-ins are required , But you need user permission JavaScript Execute... On the browser .

AJAX example

use AJAX Modify the text content

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Now start learning AJAX !

Before reading this tutorial , What you need to know :

Read this tutorial , You need to have the following Foundation :

If you want to learn these basics , You can find the corresponding tutorial on our home page Programming tutorial .

AJAX application

  • application XHTML+CSS To express information ;

  • application JavaScript Operation DOM(Document Object Model) To perform dynamic effects ;

  • application XML and XSLT Operation data ;

  • application XMLHttpRequest Or new Fetch API Asynchronous data exchange with web server ;

  • be careful :AJAX And Flash、Silverlight and Java Applet etc. RIA Technology is differentiated .