Angular 2 course

Angular2 Is an open source JavaScript library , from Google maintain , Used to help single page applications run .

Angular2 yes Angular 1.x Upgraded version of , Performance has been significantly improved , Can well support Web Develop components .

Angular2 Published on 2016 year 9 month , It is based on ES6 To develop .

The basics of learning this tutorial

Before learning this tutorial , You need to have a basic front-end Foundation :HTML、CSS、JavaScript. In addition, you need to know NPM and TypeScript.

Angular2.x And Angular1.x The difference between

Angular2.x And Angular1.x The difference is similar Java and JavaScript Or the difference between Lei Feng and Lei Feng pagoda , So I'm learning Angular2.x We need to be prepared to learn a language again .

Operating conditions !

Due to the current environment ( Browser or Node) Temporarily not supported ES6 Your code , So I need some shim and polyfill(IE need ) Give Way ES6 The code written can be transformed into ES5 Form and can run normally in the browser .

As can be seen from the above figure, in Es5 The following module loaders are required under the browser :

  • systemjs - Universal module loader , support AMD、CommonJS、ES6 And other formats JS Module loading .

  • es6-module-loader - ES6 Module loader ,systemjs This module will be loaded automatically .

  • traceur - ES6 Transcoder , Will ES6 Transcoding to the currently supported browser ES5 code ,systemjs Will automatically load This module .

Relevant reference documents