<AppML> course


Fast and simple

Web development

What is? <AppML>?

<AppML> appML Is a for web Application design HTML Expansion box : 

  • XML Language defines the application model
  • JavaScript Run on the client browser
  • PHP Or ASP The script runs on the server

AppML Is an application pattern language ( Application Modeling Language).

Learning is very simple

  • Super simple model
  • Super simple properties
  • Super simple application development
  • Run on any platform and any browser
  • Easy installation

only HTML, JavaScript, and XML

<AppML> Just in HTML The page contains JavaScript, Then store on the server XML data :

HTML page :

<h1>My First Web Application</h1>

<div id="Place01">
<table id="Template01" class="appmltable">
<tr id="appml_row">

<script src="appml.js"></script>
app=new AppML("appml.htmlx","Models/Customers");



  <sql>SELECT CustomerName,City,Country FROM Customers</sql>


Give it a try »

If you have studied before web development , You'll find <AppML> Very simple to use .

If you have studied before PHP, ASP, Or ASP.NET Development of , You will clearly see the use of <AppML> Benefits of .

Modern Web framework

<AppML> It is a combination of the latest technology and modern web Develop ideas , Use low consumption, high speed and simple architecture :

  • use MVC framework
  • Very low bandwidth consumption
  • Optimization of cloud computing
  • The content is completely separated
  • intelligence , flexible , Fast Web development
  • High scalability and testability
  • Simple configuration and reconfiguration
  • Smart supports user accounts and roles

<Appml> history

1999 year ,Refsnes Data The company began to develop AppML, A method based on XML、 Used to define Internet The language of the application .2000 year 9 month , A large project for the Norwegian handball League began , The purpose is to use only AppML Transform a huge information system from the old DOS The environment is transformed into a modern Internet upper . And this major project has just achieved great success . According to the developer's estimate , And traditional Web Development compared to , The development time has been shortened by up to 75%.

stay 2007 Mid September ,AppML Content is available offline , Because it supports ASP and IE.

stay 2013 October ,AppML announce , As an open source product , stay PHP、ASP.NET Compatible in version All browsers .

AppML stay 1999 The original design goal in :

  • AppML The application must run, so there is a network
  • AppML The application shall be platform independent
  • AppML Applications must use Internet standards (HTTP, HTML, CSS, XML)
  • AppML Applications must support the needs of various applications
  • AppML The application must be self describing
  • AppML The application must be easy to develop , Maintenance and modification
  • AppML Applications must be future oriented