ASP course

ASP(Active Server Pages Dynamic server page ) It is a powerful tool for generating dynamic interactive web pages .

In our ASP In the tutorial , You will learn ASP Relevant knowledge of , And how to execute scripts on the server .

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Learn from examples ASP

On this site ASP The tutorial includes 100 Multiple instances .

ours ASP Online examples make it easier for you to learn ASP, The instance contains ASP Source code and running results .


<!DOCTYPE html>
response.write("My first ASP script!")


Demo example »

click " Demo example " Button to view the running results of the online instance .

ASP Reference manual

In the programming tutorial , We provide you with a complete ASP Reference manual , This includes built-in objects and components , And their properties and methods .

ASP Reference manual

ASP example

Learn from examples ! ASP Scripts can only be executed on the server side , So you can't view in the browser ASP code , Only by ASP The output is pure HTML code . In the programming tutorial , Each instance can show previously hidden ASP code . such , You can more easily understand how they work .

ASP example !