ASP.NET Web Forms - course

ASP.NET Is a use HTML、CSS、JavaScript And server scripts to create a development framework for web pages and websites .

ASP.NET Support three different development modes :
Web Pages(Web page )、MVC(Model View Controller Model - view - controller )、Web Forms(Web forms ):

This tutorial introduces Web Forms.

Web Pages MVC Web Forms

Where to start ?

Most developers learn a new technology , It starts with viewing the running instance .

If you want to view a Web Forms Run instance , Please check the following ASP.NET Web Forms demonstration .

What is? Web Forms?

Web Forms There are three ways to create ASP.NET Websites and Web One of the programming modes of an application .

The other two programming modes are Web Pages and MVC(Model View Controller Model - view - controller ).

Web Forms It's the oldest ASP.NET Programming mode , It's integration HTML、 Event driven web pages for server controls and server code .

Web Forms Is compiled and executed on the server , Then generated by the server HTML Display as web page .

Web Forms There are hundreds of Web Controls and Web Component is used to create user driven websites with data access .

Visual Studio Express 2012/2010

Visual Studio Express yes Microsoft Visual Studio Free version of .

Visual Studio Express this is Web Forms( and MVC) Customized development tools .

Visual Studio Express contain :

  • MVC and Web Forms
  • Drag Web Controls and Web assembly
  • Web Server language (Razor use VB Or C#)
  • Web The server (IIS Express)
  • Database server (SQL Server Compact)
  • complete Web Development framework (ASP.NET)

If you have installed Visual Studio Express, You will learn more from this tutorial .

If you want to install Visual Studio Express, Please click on one of the following links :

Visual Web Developer 2012(Windows 7 Or Windows 8)

Visual Web Developer 2010(Windows Vista Or XP)

ASP.NET Reference manual

At the end of this tutorial , You will see a complete set of ASP.NET Reference manual , Introduces the object 、 assembly 、 Properties and methods .

ASP.NET Reference manual