ASP.NET course

ASP.NET Is a use HTML、CSS、JavaScript And server scripts to create a development framework for web pages and websites .

ASP.NET Support three different development modes :
Web Pages(Web page )、MVC(Model View Controller Model - view - controller )、Web Forms(Web forms ):

Web Pages
Single page mode
Model - view - controller
Web Forms
Event driven mode

The simplest ASP.NET pattern .

And PHP And classic ASP be similar .

Built in database 、 video 、 graphical 、 Templates and helpers such as social media .

MVC Will Web Application segmentation 3 There are two different components :

The model is responsible for the data
The view is responsible for displaying
The controller is responsible for inputting

conventional ASP.NET Event driven development pattern :

With server controls 、 Web pages for server events and server code .

Web Pages course

If you have just come into contact with ASP.NET , Suggested from Web Pages Start learning .

Web Pages Is development ASP.NET The simplest development mode of the website .

In our Web Pages In the tutorial , You will learn how to use VB (Visual Basic) Or C# (C sharp) abreast of the times Razor The server tag syntax will HTML、CSS、JavaScript Combined with server code .

You can also learn how to use with programmable Web Helpers( Including database 、 video 、 graphical 、 Social media and so on ) To expand your web page .

Now start learning ASP.NET Web Pages!

MVC course

MVC It's a use MVC(Model View Controller Model - view - controller ) Design create Web The pattern of the application .

If you want an alternative to the traditional ASP.NET Lightweight development model , From MVC Start learning .

In our MVC In the tutorial , You'll learn how to use and integrate all existing ASP.NET characteristic ( such as Master Pages、 Security、Authentication Master page 、 Safe 、 verification ) Create a lightweight development model Web Applications .

Now start learning ASP.NET MVC!

Web Forms course

Web Forms It's traditional event driven ASP.NET pattern .

these years , Developers have used ASP.NET Web Forms Created many well-known large websites .

If you want to learn in the past 10 Many in the year Web Design patterns used by developers , Then you can start from Web Forms Start learning .

Now start learning ASP.NET Web Forms!

Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

This tutorial is suitable for anyone who wants to learn at Microsoft ASP.NET People who create websites on the platform , From Amateur sites to the latest 、 Modern 、 A fully commercial network .

Even if you are new to Web Programming , You can also learn this tutorial , If yes HTML and CSS A basic understanding will help you learn this tutorial .

If you are interested in scripting languages such as JavaScript Or VB (Visual Basic) Have a basic understanding , That will be very helpful for learning this tutorial .

Do you prefer VB Surpass C# (C sharp) ? Do you want to learn these two languages ? There's good news : Most code examples provided in programming tutorials are available in both languages .

If you are a person who has ASP.NET Professional with development experience Web Developers , You can still learn a lot from this tutorial , Because these tutorials introduce a lot of new ASP.NET The concept of , such as HTML5、CSS3、JQuery wait .