ASP.NET MVC course

ASP.NET Is a use HTML、CSS、JavaScript And server scripts to create a development framework for web pages and websites .

ASP.NET Support three different development modes :
Web Pages(Web page )、MVC(Model View Controller Model - view - controller )、Web Forms(Web forms ).

This tutorial introduces MVC.

Web Pages MVC Web Forms

MVC Programming mode

MVC There are three ASP.NET One of the programming modes .

MVC It's a use MVC(Model View Controller Model - view - controller ) Design create Web The pattern of the application :

  • Model( Model ) Represents the core of the application ( Such as database record list ).
  • View( view ) Display data ( Database records ).
  • Controller( controller ) Process input ( Write database records ).

MVC Patterns also provide access to HTML、CSS and JavaScript Complete control of .


MVC Schema definition Web Applications
With three logical layers :

Business layer ( Model logic )

Display layer ( View logic )

Input control ( Controller logic )

Model( Model ) It is the part of the application that processes the application data logic .
Usually, model objects are responsible for accessing data in the database .

View( view ) Is the part of the application that handles data display .
Generally, views are created based on model data .

Controller( controller ) Is the part of the application that handles user interaction .
Usually, the controller is responsible for reading data from the view , Control user input , And send data to the model .

MVC Tiering helps manage complex applications , Because you can focus on one aspect at a time . For example , You can focus on view design without relying on business logic . It also makes it easier to test the application .

MVC Layering also simplifies group development . Different developers can develop views at the same time 、 Controller logic and business logic .

Web Forms contrast MVC

MVC Programming mode is an improvement on traditional ASP.NET(Web Forms) A lightweight alternative to . It's lightweight 、 A framework with high testability , At the same time, it integrates all existing ASP.NET characteristic , For example, master page 、 Security and certification .

Visual Studio Express 2012/2010

Visual Studio Express yes Microsoft Visual Studio Free version of .

Visual Studio Express this is MVC( and Web Forms) Customized development tools .

Visual Studio Express contain :

  • MVC and Web Forms
  • Drag Web Controls and Web assembly
  • Web Server language (Razor use VB Or C#)
  • Web The server (IIS Express)
  • Database server (SQL Server Compact)
  • complete Web Development framework (ASP.NET)

If you have installed Visual Studio Express, You will learn more from this tutorial .

If you want to install Visual Studio Express, Please click on one of the following links :

Visual Web Developer 2012(Windows 7 Or Windows 8)

Visual Web Developer 2010(Windows Vista Or XP)

lamp After your first installation Visual Studio Express after , You can install patches and service packs by running the installer again , Just click the link again .

ASP.NET MVC Reference manual

At the end of this tutorial , We provide a complete ASP.NET MVC Reference manual for your reference .