ASP.NET Web Pages - course

ASP.NET Is a use HTML、CSS、JavaScript And server scripts to create a development framework for web pages and websites .

ASP.NET Support three different development modes :
Web Pages(Web page )、MVC(Model View Controller Model - view - controller )、Web Forms(Web forms ):

This tutorial introduces Web Pages.

Web Pages MVC Web Forms

Where to start ?

Most developers learn a new technology , It starts with viewing the running instance .

Through " Run instance " Easy to learn

ours " Run instance " Tools make Web Pages Become easier to learn .

It displays... While running the instance ASP.NET Code and HTML output .

click " Run instance " Button to see how it works :

Web Pages example

<h1>Hello Web Pages</h1>
<p>The time is @DateTime.Now</p>

Run instance »

What is? Web Pages?

Web Pages There are three ways to create ASP.NET Websites and Web One of the programming modes of an application .

The other two programming modes are Web Forms and MVC(Model View Controller Model - view - controller ).

Web Pages Is development ASP.NET The simplest development mode of web pages . It provides a simple way to HTML、CSS、JavaScript Combined with server scripts :

  • Easy to learn , Easy to understand , Easy to use
  • Create around a single web page
  • And PHP And classic ASP be similar
  • Visual Basic Or C# Server script
  • whole HTML、CSS and JavaScript control

Web Pages Built in database 、 video 、 graphical 、 Social media and more Web Helpers, So it's easy to expand .

Web Pages course

If you have just come into contact with ASP.NET , Suggested from Web Pages Start learning .

In our Web Pages In the tutorial , You will learn how to use VB(Visual Basic) Or C#(C sharp) abreast of the times Razor The server tag syntax will HTML、CSS、JavaScript Combined with server code .

You can also learn how to use with programmable Web Helpers( Including database 、 video 、 graphical 、 Social media and so on ) To expand your web page .

Web Pages example

Learn from examples !

because ASP.NET The code is executed on the server , You cannot view the code in your browser . You can only see ordinary HTML Page output .

In the programming tutorial , Each instance will hide ASP.NET The code is displayed , This will make it easier for you to understand how it works .

Web Pages example

Web Pages Reference manual

At the end of this tutorial , You will see a complete set of ASP.NET Reference manual , Introduces the object 、 assembly 、 Properties and methods .

Web Pages Reference manual

use WebMatrix

In this tutorial , We used WebMatrix .

WebMatrix Is a simple but powerful , By Microsoft specifically for Web Pages Tailored , franco ASP.NET development tool .

WebMatrix contain :

  • Web Pages Instances and templates
  • A kind of Web Server language (VB Or C# of Razor Server tag syntax )
  • A kind of Web The server (IIS Express)
  • A database server (SQL Server Compact)
  • A complete Web Development framework (ASP.NET)

By using WebMatrix , You can start with an empty website and a blank page , Or you can use "Web Application Library " Secondary development of open source applications in .PHP and ASP.NET Many applications are open source , such as Umbraco、DotNetNuke、Drupal、Joomla、WordPress wait .WebMatrix There is also built-in security 、 Search engine optimization and web publishing tools .

use WebMatrix The developed technology and code can be seamlessly transformed into fully specialized ASP.NET Applications .

If you want to try WebMatrix , Please click the link below to install :