Bootstrap course

Bootstrap  course

Bootstrap, come from Twitter, It is the most popular front-end framework at present .Bootstrap Is based on HTML、CSS、JAVASCRIPT of , It's simple and flexible , bring Web Development is faster .

This tutorial will show you Bootstrap The foundation of the framework , By learning these things , You will be able to easily create Web project . The tutorial is divided into Bootstrap Basic structure 、Bootstrap CSS、Bootstrap Layout components and Bootstrap Several parts of the plug-in . Each section contains simple and useful examples related to the topic .

Now start learning Bootstrap!

Bootstrap Visual layout system !

Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

As long as you have HTML and CSS Basic knowledge of , You can read this tutorial , And then develop your own website . After you finish this tutorial , You can use Bootstrap development Web Medium level of the project .

Before reading this tutorial , What you need to know :

Before you start reading this tutorial , You must have HTML 、 CSS and JavaScript Basic knowledge of . If you don't understand these concepts yet , Then I suggest you read our tutorials first :

Bootstrap Useful resources

  • Twitter Bootstrap - Bootstrap The official website of , All available documents and downloads can be found on this site .
  • Less - Less Get started .