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Browser Statistics What is the most popular browser ?
Operating system statistics What is the most common operating system ?
Screen resolution statistics What is the most common screen resolution and color depth ?


Explorer Internet Explorer(IE browser )
Internet Explorer(IE browser ) It's Microsoft (Microsoft) An issue web browser . It was published in 1995 year , It is one of the most popular browsers today .

Explorer Microsoft Edge browser
Microsoft's new generation browser . Microsoft's new IE Browser project Project Spartan stay Build 2015 It was officially renamed Microsoft Edge. abreast of the times Edge Adopted Chromium kernel , Of course, it is also compatible with the previous IE Function of .

Chrome Google Chrome( Google browser )
Google Chrome( Google browser ) By Google The company developed an open source free web browser . It was published in 2008 year , Is the most commonly used browser today .

Firefox Firefox( Firefox )
Firefox( Firefox ) It's from Mozilla One of web browser . It was published in 2004 year , It is also one of the most popular browsers today .

Safari Apple Safari( Apple Safari browser )
Safari It is a product developed by Apple web browser , It is Mac The default browser of the system .Safari Famous for its fashionable design .

Opera Opera browser
Opera It was invented by the Norwegians web browser . It is famous for the following features : Fast and compact 、 Comply with industrial standards 、 Suitable for a variety of operating systems . For a range of small devices such as mobile phones and handheld computers ,Opera It is undoubtedly the preferred browser .

Mozilla Mozilla project
Mozilla The project is from Netscape Developed on the basis of . today , be based on Mozilla Our browser has evolved into the largest browser family on the Internet .

Netscape Netscape browser
Netscape Is the first commercial web browser . It was published in 1994 year . stay IE Under the competition of ,Netscape Gradually lost its market share .Netscape The official development of ended in 2008 year 2 month .