C Language course

C Language is a universal 、 Process oriented computer programming language .1972 year , For migration and development UNIX Operating system , Dennis · Rich designed and developed at Bell Telephone Laboratory C language .

C Language is a widely used computer language , It and Java As popular as programming languages , Both are widely used among modern software programmers .

The latest C The language standard is C18 , Before it C Language standards include C17、C11...C99 etc. .

Now start learning C Programming !

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Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

This tutorial is designed for those who need to learn... From scratch C Language software programmers build . This tutorial will give you an understanding of C Have enough knowledge of language , So as to improve your professional knowledge level .

Before reading this tutorial , What you need to know :

Before starting this tutorial , You need to have a basic understanding of computer programming terminology . A basic understanding of any programming language will help you understand C Language programming concepts , And help speed up your learning .

compile / Execute C Program


#include < stdio.h > int main ( ) { /* My first C Program */ printf ( " Hello, World! \ n " ) ; return 0 ; }

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Instance resolution :

  • be-all C Language programs need to include main() function . Code from main() The function starts executing .
  • /* ... */ Used to annotate .
  • printf() Used to format output to the screen .printf() The function is "stdio.h" Declare... In the header file .
  • stdio.h Is a header file ( Standard I / O header file ) , #include Is a preprocessing command , Used to import header files . When the compiler encounters printf() Function , If you don't find stdio.h Header file , Compilation errors will occur .
  • return 0; Statement is used to exit the program .