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C# It's a simple 、 contemporary 、 Universal 、 Object oriented programming language , It was developed by Microsoft (Microsoft) Developed .

This tutorial will show you the basics of C# Programming , At the same time, I will explain to you C# Various advanced concepts related to programming languages .

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Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

This tutorial is helpful for beginners to understand the basic C# Programming . After completing this tutorial , You will reach an intermediate C# Programming level .

Before reading this tutorial , What you need to know :

C# Programming is based on C and C++ Programming language , So if you're right C and C++ Have a basic understanding of programming , Will help you learn C# programing language .

compile / Execute C# Program

Programming tutorials provide online C# Online compilation environment , You just need to make a simple click action , You can experience real programming experience on high-end servers . This is a completely free online tool .


using System ;
namespace HelloWorldApplication
    /* The class name is HelloWorld */
    class HelloWorld
        /* main function */
        static void Main ( string [ ] args )
            /* My first C# Program */
            Console . WriteLine ( "Hello World!" ) ;
            Console . ReadKey ( ) ;

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C# Useful resources

This tutorial lists C# website 、 Books and articles .

C# Useful websites

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