Git course

Git  course

Git Is an open source distributed version control system , For agile and efficient handling of any small or large project .

Git yes Linus Torvalds To help manage Linux An open source version control software developed for kernel development .

Git With common version control tools CVS, Subversion So different , It adopts the way of distributed version Library , No server-side software support .

Git And SVN difference

Git It's not just a version control system , It's also a content management system (CMS), Work management system, etc .

If you are a person with the ability to use SVN People with backgrounds , You need to make some thought changes , To adapt to Git Some of the concepts and features provided .

Git And SVN The difference is :

  • 1、Git It's distributed ,SVN no : This is Git And other non distributed version control systems , For example SVN,CVS etc. , The core difference .

  • 2、Git Store content as metadata , and SVN Yes by file : All resource control systems hide the meta information of files in a similar .svn、.cvs And so on .

  • 3、Git Branches and SVN Different branches : Branch at SVN It's not special at all , In fact, it is another directory in the version Library .

  • 4、Git There is no global version number , and SVN have : So far, this is with SVN comparison Git The biggest missing feature .

  • 5、Git The content integrity of is better than SVN:Git Our content store uses SHA-1 Hash algorithm . This ensures the integrity of the code content , Make sure to reduce the damage to the version Library in case of disk failure and network problems .

Git Get started

This site also provides Git Quick start version , You can click Git A concise guide see .

After getting started, it is recommended to learn more through this site Git course .

Git Full command manual address :

PDF Version of the command manual :github-git-cheat-sheet.pdf

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