Website host course

If you want to publish your website to the world , Then your website needs to be placed in a WEB The server .

In this tutorial , You will learn : What is a website host , And what services the website host provides .

Now web hosts generally use cloud servers (Elastic Compute Service, ECS) More , ECS is a simple and efficient method 、 Safe and reliable 、 Computing services with flexible processing capacity .

ECS management is simpler and more efficient than physical servers , We don't need to buy expensive hardware in advance , You can quickly create or delete ECs , ECS costs generally range from tens to hundreds , It can be configured according to our requirements .

For details of ECs, please refer to :

Tutorial list

Start learning about the website host .

Website host Introduction
The content of this chapter : How the world wide web works , How to publish a site , Internet service providers (ISP) What services are provided .

Web hosting provider
The content of this chapter : This paper expounds how to place the site on its own server and on ISP The difference between .

Website domain name
The content of this chapter : How to register a domain name , And how to make the most of it .

Website host performance
The content of this chapter : Disk space and bandwidth and server performance .

Host email access
This chapter introduces the e-mail service -- Internet service providers (ISP) The most common service provided .

Web hosting technology
This chapter introduces the commonly used host Technology .

Website database
This chapter introduces some of the most popular network database technologies .

Type of website host
This chapter introduces the different types of network hosts .

E-commerce website host
The content of this chapter : E-commerce server .