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ionic Is a powerful HTML5 Application development framework (HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework ). Can help you use Web technology , such as HTML、CSS and Javascript Build mobile applications that are close to the native experience .

ionic Focus on appearance and experience , And with your app UI Interaction , It is especially suitable for Hybird Patterned HTML5 Mobile application development .

ionic It's a lightweight mobile phone UI library , With high speed , Interface modernization 、 Beautiful and other characteristics . In order to solve some other problems UI The library runs slowly on the mobile phone , It just gave up IOS6 and Android4.1 The following versions support , To get a better use experience .

ionic characteristic

  • 1.ionic be based on Angular Grammar , Easy to learn .
  • 2.ionic Is a lightweight framework .
  • 3.ionic Perfect integration of the next generation mobile framework , support Angularjs The characteristics of , MVC , The code is easy to maintain .
  • 4.ionic Provides a beautiful design , Through SASS Building applications , It provides a lot of UI Components to help developers develop powerful applications .
  • 5.ionic Focus on the original , You can't see the difference between hybrid applications and native applications
  • 6.ionic Provides powerful command line tools .
  • 7.ionic Superior performance , Fast running speed .

Before learning this tutorial, you need to know ?

Before learning this tutorial, you need to understand the following Basics :

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