Java course

Java By Sun Microsystems The company was founded on 1995 year 5 High level programming language launched in June .

Java Can run on multiple platforms , as Windows, Mac OS And many other UNIX Version of the system .

This tutorial will give you a better understanding of Java programing language .

Mobile operating system Android Most of the code uses Java Programming language programming .

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My first JAVA Program

Let's use a simple example to show Java Programming , Create file The file name must be consistent with the class name ), The code is as follows :


public class HelloWorld { public static void main ( String [ ] args ) { System . out . println ( " Hello World " ) ; } }

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notes :String args[] And String[] args Can execute , But... Is recommended String[] args, This can avoid ambiguity and Misreading .

Run the above example , The output results are as follows :

$ javac
$ java HelloWorld
Hello World

Execute command parsing :

We used two commands above javac and java.

javac Followed by java File name of the file , For example This command is used to convert java The source file is compiled as class Bytecode file , as : javac

function javac After the command , If the compilation is successful and there are no errors , There will be a HelloWorld.class My files .

java Followed by java Class name in file , For example HelloWorld Is the class name , as : java HelloWorld.

be careful :java Don't add... After the command .class.

Gif Figure shows :

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