jQuery UI course

jQuery UI Is based on jQuery JavaScript A set of user interface interactions on the library 、 Special effects 、 Widgets and themes . Whether you are creating highly interactive Web The application still just adds a date selector to the form control ,jQuery UI It's a perfect choice .

jQuery UI Contains many state maintaining widgets (Widget), So , It is similar to the typical jQuery The plug-in usage pattern is slightly different . be-all jQuery UI Widgets (Widget) Use the same pattern , So , As long as you learn to use one of them , You know how to use other widgets (Widget).

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In order to better experience what is jQuery UI, Please check jQuery UI example .

In the example demonstration section , The navigation lists jQuery UI All interactive parts and widgets provided . Select an interactive part or widget , You'll see some demo configurations for a particular plug-in . In each presentation , You can view the source code , Change theme , And URL Can be bookmarked . For example , You can view Fold panel parts to fill space Example demonstration page .

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