JSP course

JSP And PHP、ASP、ASP.NET And other languages are similar , The language running on the server .

JSP( Full name Java Server Pages) By Sun Microsystems The company advocates and many companies participate in the creation of a system that enables software developers to respond to client requests , And dynamically generate HTML、XML Or other format documents Web Technical standards for web pages .

JSP Technology is based on Java Language as a scripting language ,JSP The web page is for the whole server side Java The library unit provides an interface to serve HTTP Applications .

JSP The file suffix is *.jsp .

JSP Developed WEB Applications can be used across platforms , It can run in Linux Can also run on Windows upper .

first JSP Program

The first program for language learning is usually output "Hello World",JSP output "Hello World" The code is as follows :

           <title> first  JSP  Program </title>
                  out.println("Hello World!");

Start learning JSP

I see JSP After the basic concept of , Now let's Start learning JSP bar .