Linux course


Linux Is a free and open source class UNIX Operating system .

Linux The English interpretation is Linux is not Unix.

Linux Yes 1991 By Linus · Tovaz founded when he was studying at the University of Helsinki , Mainly affected by Minix and Unix Inspired by thought .

This tutorial , We'll show you how to use Linux.

Linux It's actually easy to learn , I believe you will soon learn .

Now start learning Linux !

Who is suitable for reading ?

This tutorial is for Linux Knowledge of servers , It is suitable for personnel engaged in operation and maintenance or back-end development .

Knowledge required ?

If you are familiar with operating system , I believe you will soon learn Linux.

This tutorial will be on Linux Release version of Centos As an example, let's introduce Linux Application of the system .

Linux It's open source

Linux follow GNU General public license (GPL), Any individual or institution is free to use Linux All the underlying source code , You can also freely modify and republish .

because Linux It's free software , Anyone can create one that meets their needs Linux Distribution .

The current mainstream Linux Version has :

  • Debian( And its derivatives Ubuntu、Linux Mint)

  • Fedora( And its related versions Red Hat Enterprise Linux、CentOS)

  • openSUSE

  • ...