Markdown course

Markdown Is a lightweight markup language , It allows people to write documents in plain text format that is easy to read and write .

Markdown Language in 2004 By John · Gruber ( English :John Gruber) establish .

Markdown Written documents can be exported HTML 、Word、 image 、PDF、Epub And other formats .

Markdown The suffix of the written document is .md, .markdown.

Markdown application

Markdown Can be used to write e-books , as :Gitbook.

At present, many websites are widely used Markdown To write help documents or post messages on forums . For example :GitHub、 Jian Shu 、reddit、Diaspora、Stack Exchange、OpenStreetMap 、SourceForge etc. .


This tutorial will use Typora Editor to explain Markdown Grammar of ,Typora support MacOS 、Windows、Linux platform , And contains a variety of topics , Directly render the effect after editing .

Support export HTML、PDF、Word、 Pictures and other types of files .

Typora Official website :

You can also use our online editor to test :

Useful books

《 Great Markdown》:

Test example

Mardown to write Hello World! Grammar :

# Hello World! 

Paste the code format into Typora The effect is as follows :