Matplotlib course

Matplotlib yes Python My drawing library , It makes it easy for users to graph data , And provide a variety of output formats .

Matplotlib It can be used to draw various static , Dynamic , Interactive charts .

Matplotlib Is a very powerful Python Drawing tools , We can use this tool to present a lot of data more intuitively in the form of charts .

Matplotlib You can draw a line diagram 、 Scatter plot 、 Contour map 、 Bar chart 、 Histogram 、3D graphical 、 Even graphic animation and so on .

Before learning this tutorial, you need to know

I'm learning Matplotlib Before the tutorial , We need to have basic Python Basics , If you are right Python I don't know yet , You can read our tutorial :

Matplotlib application

Matplotlib Usually with NumPy and SciPy(Scientific Python) Use together , This combination is widely used to replace MatLab, Is a powerful scientific computing environment , Help us through Python Study data science or machine learning .

SciPy Is an open source Python Algorithm library and math toolkit .

SciPy The modules included are optimized 、 Linear algebra 、 Integral 、 interpolation 、 Special functions 、 Fast Fourier transform 、 Signal processing and image processing 、 Ordinary differential equation solving and other calculations commonly used in science and Engineering .

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