MongoDB course

MongoDB Is a database based on distributed file storage . from C++ Written in . Designed for WEB Applications provide scalable high-performance data storage solutions .

MongoDB It is a product between relational database and non relational database , Yes no relational database has the most functions , Most like a relational database .

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Content list

NoSQL brief introduction
introduce NoSQL Basic concepts .

MongoDB brief introduction
introduce MongoDB Basic concepts .

window Platform installation MongoDB
Introduce how to window Install on the platform MongoDB.

Linux Platform installation MongoDB
Introduce how to Linux Install on the platform MongoDB.

MongoDB - Concept analysis

MongoDB connect
introduce MongoDB database , Object , Collective application .

PHP Install MongoDB Expand
introduce PHP Install MongoDB Extended methods .

MongoDB Insert document
introduce MongoDB Data insertion operation .

MongoDB Update document
introduce MongoDB Update data operation .

MongoDB Delete document
introduce MongoDB Delete data operation .

MongoDB Query
introduce MongoDB Data query operation .

MongoDB Conditional operators
introduce MongoDB Use of conditional operators .

MongoDB $type Operator
introduce MongoDB Conditional operators $type Use of .

Reference address

MongoDB Official website address :

MongoDB Official English documents :

MongoDB Download address of each platform :