NumPy course

NumPy(Numerical Python) yes Python An extension library of language , Support a large number of dimension arrays and matrix operations , In addition, it also provides a large number of mathematical function libraries for array operations .

NumPy The predecessor of Numeric First by Jim Hugunin Work with other collaborators to develop ,2005 year ,Travis Oliphant stay Numeric It combines another program library of the same nature Numarray The characteristics of , And added other extensions to develop NumPy.NumPy It is open source and jointly maintained and developed by many collaborators .

NumPy Is a very fast math library , It is mainly used for array calculation , contain :

  • A powerful N Dimensional array object ndarray
  • Broadcast function
  • Integrate C/C++/Fortran Code tools
  • Linear algebra 、 Fourier transform 、 Random number generation and other functions

Before learning this tutorial, you need to know

I'm learning NumPy Before the tutorial , We need to have basic Python Basics , If you are right Python I don't know yet , You can read our tutorial :

NumPy application

NumPy Usually with SciPy(Scientific Python) and Matplotlib( Drawing library ) Use together , This combination is widely used to replace MatLab, Is a powerful scientific computing environment , Help us through Python Study data science or machine learning .

SciPy Is an open source Python Algorithm library and math toolkit .

SciPy The modules included are optimized 、 Linear algebra 、 Integral 、 interpolation 、 Special functions 、 Fast Fourier transform 、 Signal processing and image processing 、 Ordinary differential equation solving and other calculations commonly used in science and Engineering .

Matplotlib yes Python Programming language and its numerical mathematics extension package NumPy Visual operation interface . It makes use of a common graphical user interface toolkit , as Tkinter, wxPython, Qt Or GTK+ It provides application program interface for embedded drawing (API).

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