Pandas course

Pandas yes Python An extension library of language , For data analysis .

Pandas Is an open source 、BSD Licensed Libraries , Provide high performance 、 Easy to use data structures and data analysis tools .

Pandas The name derives from the term "panel data"( Panel data ) and "Python data analysis"(Python Data analysis ).

Pandas A powerful tool set for analyzing structured data , The foundation is Numpy( Provide high-performance matrix operation ).

Pandas From various file formats, such as CSV、JSON、SQL、Microsoft Excel Import data .

Pandas It can operate on various data , Like merging 、 Reshape 、 choice , There are also data cleaning and data processing features .

Pandas Widely used in academic 、 finance 、 Statistics and other data analysis fields .

Before learning this tutorial, you need to know

I'm learning Pandas Before the tutorial , We need to have basic Python Basics , If you are right Python I don't know yet , You can read our tutorial :

Pandas application

Pandas The main data structure is Series ( One dimensional data ) And DataFrame( Two dimensional data ), These two data structures are sufficient to handle financial 、 Statistics 、 social sciences 、 Most typical use cases in engineering and other fields .

Data structure

Series Is an object similar to a one-dimensional array , It consists of a set of data ( various Numpy Data type ) And a set of related data tags ( Index ) form .

DataFrame Is a tabular data structure , It contains a set of ordered Columns , Each column can be a different value type ( Values 、 character string 、 Boolean value ).DataFrame There are both row and column indexes , It can be seen by Series A dictionary ( Share an index ).

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