Perl course


Perl yes Practical Extraction and Report Language Abbreviation for , Can be translated into " Practical report extraction language ".

Perl It's advanced 、 General 、 Literal translation 、 Dynamic programming language .

Perl The original designer was Larry · Wall (Larry Wall), to 1987 year 12 month 18 Published on .

Perl Borrowed C、sed、awk、shell Scripting and many other programming language features .

Perl The most important feature is Perl The function of regular expression is integrated inside , And a huge third-party code base CPAN.

Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

This tutorial is suitable for people who want to learn from scratch Perl Developers of programming languages . Of course, this tutorial will also go deep into some modules , Let you better understand Perl Application of .

Before learning this tutorial, you need to know

Before continuing this tutorial , You should know some basic computer programming terms . If you have studied PHP,ASP Other programming languages , It will help you understand Perl Programming .

first Perl Program

For most programming languages , The first entry programming code is "Hello World!", The following code is used Perl output "Hello World!":


#!/usr/bin/perl print " Hello, World! \n " ;

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