Python Basic tutorial


Python It's an explanatory type 、 object-oriented 、 High level programming language for dynamic data types .

Python from Guido van Rossum to 1989 Invention at the end of the year , The first public release was released in 1991 year .

image Perl Language is the same , Python The source code also follows GPL(GNU General Public License) agreement .

It is officially announced that ,2020 year 1 month 1 day , stop it Python 2 Updates for .

Python 2.7 Identified as the last Python 2.x edition .

Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

This tutorial is suitable for people who want to learn from scratch Python Developers of programming languages . Of course, this tutorial will also go deep into some modules , Let you better understand Python Application of .

This tutorial is mainly aimed at Python 2.x Version of learning , If you use Python 3.x Please move to Python 3.X Version of the tutorial .

All examples of this tutorial are based on Python2.7.

Before learning this tutorial, you need to know

Before continuing this tutorial , You should know some basic computer programming terms . If you have studied PHP,ASP And other programming languages , It will help you understand Python Programming .

Execute Python Program

For most programming languages , The first entry programming code is "Hello World!", The following code is used Python output "Hello World!":


#!/usr/bin/python print ( " Hello, World! " )

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Python 3.0+ The version has put print As a built-in function , output "Hello World!" The code is as follows :

example (Python 3.0+)

#!/usr/bin/python3 print ( " Hello, World! " )

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