R Language course

R Language is a mathematical programming language designed for mathematical researchers , It is mainly used for statistical analysis 、 mapping 、 Data mining .

If you are a beginner of computer program and are eager to understand the general programming of computer ,R Language is not an ideal choice , You can choose PythonC Or Java.

R Language and C Language is the result of Bell Labs research , But they have different areas of focus ,R Language is an interpretative language for mathematical theory researchers , and C The language is designed for computer software engineers .

R Language is the language that explains the operation ( And C The compilation of the language runs differently ), Its execution speed is faster than C Language is much slower , Not conducive to optimization . However, it provides richer data structure operations at the syntax level, and can easily output text and graphic information , So it is widely used in mathematics, especially in the field of Statistics .

R Language official website :https://cran.r-project.org/

List of official mirror stations :https://cran.r-project.org/mirrors.html

Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

This tutorial is designed for those who need to learn... From scratch R Language software programmers build .

If you are a very experienced R Language users , You can still get syntax references from this tutorial , But the tutorial itself may not have content that can solve your deep problems .

R Language features

  • R Locale software belongs to GNU Open source software , Good compatibility 、 Use free
  • Grammar is very conducive to complex mathematical operations
  • Rich data types , Including vectors 、 matrix 、 Factor 、 Data sets and other common data structures
  • Good code style , Strong readability

although R It is mainly used for statistical analysis or development of statistical related software , But it is also used for matrix calculation . Its analysis speed is comparable to the free software dedicated to matrix calculation GNU Octave And commercial software MATLAB.

compile / Execute R Program

example (helloworld.R)

myString <- "Hello, World!"

print ( myString )

Run instance »

R The language file suffix is .R.

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