Scala course


Scala It's a multi paradigm (multi-paradigm) Programming language , The original intention of the design is to integrate the various features of object-oriented programming and functional programming .

Scala Run on Java On the virtual machine , And compatible with existing Java Program .

Scala The source code is compiled into Java Bytecode , So it can run on JVM above , And you can call the existing Java Class library .

Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

This tutorial is suitable for people who want to learn from scratch Scala Developers of programming languages . Of course, this tutorial will also go deep into some modules , Let you better understand Scala Application of .

Before learning this tutorial, you need to know

Before continuing this tutorial , You should know some basic computer programming terms . If you have studied Java programing language , It will help you understand Scala Programming .

study Java course .

first Scala Program :Hello World

Here's how to use Scala Write a typical Hello World Program :

example (HelloWorld.scala)

object HelloWorld {
    def main (args : Array [String ] ) : Unit = {
        println ( "Hello, world!" )

Run instance »

Save the above code as HelloWorld.scala file , Perform the above scala Program ( You can also execute directly online ):

$ scalac HelloWorld.scala  //  Compile the source code into bytecode 
$ scala HelloWorld  //  Put the bytecode into the virtual machine to explain the operation 

The output is :

Hello, world!

Relevant documents are recommended

Here is a Scala language norm .pdf file , It can be used as a learning reference :