Servlet course

Servlet Create a based on web Our application provides component-based services 、 Platform independent approach , Can be free from CGI Performance limitations of the program .Servlet Have access to all Java API, Including access to enterprise databases JDBC API.

This tutorial will explain how to use Java Servlet To develop based on web Applications .

Now start learning Servlet!

Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

This tutorial is designed for Java Programmer designed . Before reading this tutorial , You need to understand Java Servlet Frame and its API. After completing this tutorial , You will find that you have reached the use Java Servlet Medium level of , Later, you can complete the advanced work by yourself through more in-depth learning and practice .

Before reading this tutorial , What you need to know :

Before you start reading this tutorial , Better be right Java Programming languages have a good understanding . If you are right web Have a basic understanding of how applications and the Internet work , Will help you understand this tutorial .

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