SQLite course

SQLite Is a software library , Achieved self-sufficiency 、 Server free 、 Zero configuration 、 Transactional SQL Database engine .SQLite Is the most widely deployed in the world SQL Database engine .SQLite The source code is not restricted by copyright .

This tutorial will show you how to use SQLite Programming , And let you get started quickly .

Now start learning SQLite!

Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

This tutorial is helpful for beginners to understand SQLite Basic knowledge and advanced concepts related to database engine .

Before reading this tutorial , What you need to know :

Before you begin to practice using the various examples provided in this tutorial , You need to know what a database is , in especial RDBMS, And what is a computer programming language .

compile / Execute SQLite Program

If you want to pass SQLite DBMS compile / Execute SQL Program , But you have no relevant settings , Then you can access compileonline.com. You just need to make a simple click action , You can experience real programming experience on high-end servers . This is a completely free online tool .

SQLite Function reference manual

This tutorial provides all the important built-in SQLite Reference manual for functions .

SQLite Common functions

SQLite Useful resources

This tutorial lists SQLite Database websites and books .

SQLite Useful websites

  • SQLite Home Page - SQLite The official website provides the latest SQLite Install version , abreast of the times SQLite Information and complete SQLite course .

  • PHP SQLite3 - The website provides SQLite 3 Database PHP Full details of support .

  • SQLite JDBC Driver: - SQLite JDBC, from Taro L. Saito Developed , Is a for Java Access and create SQLite Database file library .

  • DBD-SQLite-0.31 - SQLite Perl driver Drivers and Perl DBI Modules are used together .

  • DBI-1.625 - Perl DBI The module includes SQLite Any database including provides a common interface .

  • SQLite Python - sqlite3 python Module by Gerhard Haring Written by . It provides with DB-API 2.0 Specification compatible SQL Interface .