SVN course

Apache Subversion Usually abbreviated to SVN, Is an open source version control system ,Subversion stay 2000 Year by CollabNet Inc development , Now it has developed into Apache A project of the software foundation , Also part of a rich developer and user community .

SVN Relative to RCS、CVS, Branch management system is adopted , Its design goal is to replace CVS. Free version control services on the Internet are mostly based on Subversion.

Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

This tutorial is designed to let you have version control requirements for SVN Interested software developers learn SVN Basic knowledge of , Through this tutorial, you can learn... Step by step SVN Use of .

Before reading this tutorial , What you need to know

Before you continue this tutorial , You must have some knowledge of simple terms , For example, the source code , Documents, etc . If you have working experience in software development or software testing, it is best .

Subversion Usage

Although in 2006 year Time Subversion The use of ethnic groups is still far less than traditional CVS, But many open source groups have decided to CVS Convert to Subversion. Has been converted to Subversion Including FreeBSD、Apache Software Foundation、KDE、GNOME、GCC、Python、Samba、Mono And many groups . There are many teams switching Subversion Because Trac The project management environment provided . besides , Some collaborative networks for free software development, such as SourceForge In addition to providing CVS Outside , It is now also available to project developers Subversion As a source management system , JavaForge、Google Code And BountySource Then Subversion As an official source management system .

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