Swift course

Swift  course

Swift Is an open source programming language that supports multiple programming paradigms and compilers , Apple in 2014 year WWDC( Apple Developer Conference ) release , Used to develop iOS,OS X and watchOS Applications .

Swift Combined C and Objective-C And is not affected by C Compatibility limitations .

Swift stay Mac OS and iOS The platform can communicate with Object-C Use the same operating environment .

2015 year 6 month 8 day , Apple in WWDC 2015 It was announced at the meeting that ,Swift Will open source , Including compilers and standard libraries .

Who is suitable for reading this tutorial ?

This tutorial is suitable for those who want to engage in mobile terminal (iphone) Develop or OS X Application programmers , It would be better if you had a programming foundation before .

This tutorial  All instances are based on Xcode8.2.1(Swift 3.0.2 Syntax format ) Development testing .

first Swift Program

first Swift Of course, the program outputs "Hello, World!" start , The code is as follows :


/* My first Swift Program */ var myString = " Hello, World! " print ( myString )

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Instance resolution

  • var myString = "Hello, World!" : use var Keyword defines a variable myString, The value is Hello, World!

  • print : The value of the output variable

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