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VBScript It is a scripting language produced by Microsoft .

VBScript yes ASP (Active Server Pages) The default scripting language .

You can Internet Explorer Try using VBScript .

VBScript Editor

VBScript Is a dynamic scripting language .

Internet Explorer support VBScript. So you can IE Execute in browser VBScript, Through our VBScript Online instance , You can view the running results of the instance :

example ( Only in Internet Explorer function )


<script type="text/vbscript">
document.write("This is my first VBScript!")


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What is? VBScript?

  • VBScript Is a scripting language
  • Scripting language is a lightweight programming language
  • VBScript It's Microsoft's programming language Visual Basic Lightweight version of

VBScript example

Learn through examples . Use our editor , You can edit the source code , Then click " Give it a try " Button to view the results .

Online instance !

VBScript Reference manual

In this site you can find the complete VBScript Reference manual .

VBScript Reference manual