This tutorial is available on 2015 year 7 Start writing... In June , It took half a year , in total 148 section , Covers Android Most of the basics , Due to the limitation of ability at that time , Although we have done our best , However, there are some mistakes in the analysis of some problems , Please forgive me !IT The technology is updated quickly , think 2015 Year or Android 5.1 Rampant , Now it's time 2018 Years have passed Android 8.0 It's time to , development tool Android Studio Also updated to Android Studio 3.0.1. Some of the tutorials in this series may be outdated , such as 6.0 Future dynamic permission application . One's strength is limited , But also have their own busy work , It's impossible to go to another big update , I wrote it today , It may be out of date in a few months , This is IT Normality of the world , So you still have to learn to take the initiative to acquire knowledge , Provide several standing knowledge acquisition sites , You can get knowledge by yourself when you are idle :

Of course, there are many more , More visible : But remember one thing , You are? On demand learning , Not a rag collector , Collect a bunch of links , If you collect it, you will , In fact, the more you collect , The more impetuous you will be !

A mind map for this series of tutorials is attached :

Complete Mind Map PDF

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