In view of many user feedback, a user center is needed to record an individual's learning process , Programming tutorial officially opened to the public, user center , But at present, the function is still perfect , Also to prevent abuse of registration , You need to invite to register .

1、 Log in to the registration interface

There is no separate page for login registration , All pop-up windows , You can click the login button on the navigation bar to get the pop-up window .

2、 User center page

Currently, there are few function points in the user center , More people feedback that they need personal learning records , At present, only 10 A record , The excess will be automatically replaced .

Users who have logged in can see a... In the title of the article No. mark , You can click it to record .

After recording successfully , The tag will be replaced with :

User note function

Logged in users can record personal learning notes at the bottom of the article , After the notes are submitted , It needs to be reviewed by the background administrator , High quality notes will be shared with other children to read , You can also view all your notes in the background of the personal Center , The interface is as follows .

The notes are positioned as an extension of this chapter , If it does not meet the requirements, it will be deleted .

Background interface

Front desk interface

Moving the mouse over the user's Avatar and nickname will display the user's details and reference address :

3、 About retrieving the password

Retrieve password e-mail if you don't receive , Probably intercepted by the mail system , You need to add our system email to the email whitelist , Or go to the dustbin and have a look .

The following is QQ Screenshot description of mailbox :

How to get invitation code

be careful : Registration is of little practical use !!! Registration is of little practical use !!! Registration is of little practical use !!!

  • 1、 Submitted the website's 3、 , please Question feedback , And modified , Please provide email address for those submitted in the past , I'll see , Those who meet the requirements will send you an invitation code .

  • 2、 Share two A note of the tutorial article on this site . You can click at the bottom of the article " Click me to share notes " Or click on the right " Take notes " Edit and submit .

    Note content requirements : Extension of the article content , Article code example extension and Analysis .

    Note format requirements : A simple description + Code example .

    Reference case :

After completing one of the above tasks , You can send mail to the Administrator [email protected], Apply for internal test invitation code .