Website construction guide

What knowledge must a website developer master ?

  • HTML and CSS
  • Client script - JavaScript and the DOM
  • Server script - ASP, PHP
  • XML and SQL

Guide list

WWW - web
web The site is a network that can be connected to computers all over the world . How does he work ?

HTML - WEB Markup language .
Hypertext markup language ( English :HyperText Markup Language, abbreviation :HTML) Is a standard markup language for creating web pages .

CSS - Cascading style sheets
Style sheets define how to display HTML element .

JavaScript - Client script
JavaScript Scripting for the client . Client side scripting means Web Browser programming .

XML - Extensible markup language
XML no HTML A replacement for .XML Used to describe and transmit data , and HTML Used to display data .

PHP and ASP - Server side scripting
Server side scripting refers to server-side programming .

SQL - Structured query language
Structured query language (SQL) Is used to access information such as SQL Server、Oracle、Sybase and Access And so on .

Web Create design
Introduce the design of the website , And the development tools needed .

Web Standard
about Web Standards and the World Wide Web Consortium .

web Website verification
This chapter will introduce about HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, and WMP Verification of page standards .

Web Semantic
This chapter will introduce Web Semantics of

Web glossary
This is an alphabetical Internet glossary .

Web Search engine optimization
about SEO ( Search engine optimization )