XPath course

XPath It's a door in XML Language for finding information in documents .

XPath yes XSLT The main elements in .

XQuery and XPointer Are constructed in XPath Above the expression

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XPath Reference manual

In the programming tutorial , We provide complete XPath 2.0、XQuery 1.0 and XSLT 2.0 Built in function reference manual .

XPath function

Content list

XPath introduce
This chapter explains XPath The concept of .

XPath node
This chapter details XPath Different types of nodes in , And the relationship between nodes .

XPath Grammar
This chapter explains XPath Grammar of .

XPath axis (Axes)
This chapter explains XPath axes( axis ).

XPath Operator
This chapter lists what can be used to XPath Operator of expression .

XPath example
Use in this chapter "books.xml" Documentation to demonstrate some XPath example .

XPath Sum up
This article includes a summary of what you have learned in this tutorial , And what we recommend to you to learn next .